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Avoid These Classic Tourist Mistakes When Travelling In Australia

by Nomada How Far
Freycinet National Park - Tourist Mistakes in Australia

Australia is a fantastic country to visit, but don’t fall into some of the tourist mistakes we will mention here. You don’t want to come a gutser (Australian for making a bad mistake), so ensure you pay attention to the following if you are planning on going down under any time soon.



Many tourists head for the bigger cities during their stay; Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, etc. And that’s fine, there’s a lot to do and see in each of these places. But considering the huge expanse of Australia itself, there is much you will miss out on if you only follow the tourists. Therefore, explore some of the smaller towns, from the charming beach town of Esperance to the chilled out environs of beautiful Augusta. Check out these towns and more here, and add them to your Australian itinerary.


We aren’t saying sunning it on Bondi Beach is a mistake, but considering it’s usually packed because every other tourist in Australia is bronzing themselves there, you should check out some of Australia’s other beaches. So, consider the beautiful white sands of Lizard Island in Queensland, book yourself into the Elite Holiday Homes on the Gold Coast and visit the largely unspoiled Burleigh Heads Beach, or luxuriate under the sun at Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Australia.


If you believe every myth you have heard about Australia, you are going to be in for a bit of a culture shock. Forget Skippy the Kangaroo, because these marsupials are not always as friendly as you think. Australians are not always throwing ‘shrimps on the barbie;’ the term actually originated in the movie Crocodile Dundee, and isn’t reflective of Australian diet at all. And despite our warnings about Kangaroos, Australia is not as unsafe as people think. While you should be careful while wandering around the Outback, the chances of you succumbing to a spider or snake bite is very rare.

Cuddling A Kangaroo in Australia

Besides being cute, kangaroos can be dangerous too.


Yes, Australia can get very hot in the summer, so you will have plenty of opportunities to get that bronzed look on the beach. But the further south you travel, the chillier the temperature will get, especially during winter. And if you are planning on backpacking around the outback, be aware that temperatures drop dramatically after the sun goes down. You’re going to need a bigger sleeping bag!


Australians are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. So despite movies such as Wolf Creek, know that not every ‘friendly local’ has a hidden agenda. They can be really helpful too, so to make the most of your journey, listen to their advice. From telling you where to visit to warning you about trouble spots, pin back your ears and benefit from good old Australian wisdom.

Australia should be on everybody’s bucket list, but to make the most of your time there, avoid being called a Drongo by paying attention to the mistakes we mentioned. G’ day and thanks for reading!

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