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Visiting Perth In Style: The Lowdown On Planning Your Trip Down Under

by Nomada How Far
Visiting Perth In Style: The Lowdown On Planning Your Trip Down Under

If you’re planning to visit the west coast of Australia, you are not alone. The city of Perth attracts 3.5 visitors, including almost one million international guests, each year. It is a particularly tourist-friendly city that is sure to provide the magical memories you crave from a stunning vacation.

Whether you’re going for a few days or a few weeks, you’ll want to ensure that you make the most of this incredible destination. Here are some of the essential features to make sure that you do.


The weather in Western Australia is always pleasant. In truth, temperatures rarely dropping below 10 degrees. Nevertheless, the fluctuation throughout the year should be respected. The period from December to March is the hottest while June to August is a little cooler. So, you may wish to build your trip around those preferences.

There are plenty of other factors to consider while your timings may be dictated by a wedding or special event. Either way, packing the right clothes for the beach is one of the most exciting aspects of the pre-travel planning. With so many sights to explore, it’s crucial that you pack a good pair of walking boots too. Otherwise, the blisters could ruin the fun.

Visiting Perth In Style: The Lowdown On Planning Your Trip Down Under

A blue boat shed in Perth


If you’re a Brit or an American reading this post, actually flying to Australia is the worst part of the adventure by far. It’s not quite as bad as flying to places like Melbourne, but a direct flight from London will still take 17 hours. When you consider the travel to the airport and pre-boarding hassle, it’s the best part of an entire day.

The cost of flying first class or in business makes it an impossible option for most. Besides, as lovers of budget-friendly trips, we’d certainly rather save that money for the adventures ahead. Still, this is a long time to be in the air, which is why taking a few simple steps to make things more comfortable is highly advised. Otherwise, you could arrive in Western Australia feeling stressed and lethargic.

Visitors additionally need tourist visas. The process of application is very easy with the e-visa website, but it’s still a responsibility that you need to consider in advance. The last thing you need is to have your holiday ruined by admin.

Assuming you fly into Perth Airport, you’ll only be 10km away from the city center. So, while there are currently no train services from the terminals to the city, road travel by bus or taxi is inexpensive. Or you could rent a car for the duration of your vacation too.


As with any other vacation, the choice of accommodation is a massively important factor.
While hotels are readily available, a little privacy and added comfort is always a great way to make the holiday feel more luxurious. Airbnb has changed the game forever, especially for those wishing to save money. If you can find a suitable property in a central location, this is the ultimate solution.

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Visiting Perth In Style: The Lowdown On Planning Your Trip Down Under


While the pleasant weather is a selling point, the primary incentive for visiting Perth is that there are so many wonderful things to see and do. The freedom to do what you want is one of the best things about any vacation, and a little spontaneity will undoubtedly serve you well. Nevertheless, you don’t want to miss out on those adventures, which is why all holidaymakers should build a rough itinerary.

The items that you put on that checklist of things to do will ultimately come down to personal tastes and preferences. Therefore, conducting some additional research is highly advised. Still, here are ten wonderful ideas to build your excitement.


The 45-mile long river, which runs through to the Indian Ocean is one of Australia’s greatest natural attractions. Whether you take a boat or look across the water from the banks doesn’t matter. This is the perfect combination or peacefulness set on the backdrop of the busy city. If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday photo opportunity, this is it.


Australia is home to a whole host of wild species that you simply won’t see back home. While it is possible to see them in their natural habitats too, the Zoo is the perfect family attraction. From dingos to koalas, the animals will feel you with joy.


Exploring the city of Perth by foot is great fun. Nonetheless, holidays are built to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Taking a helicopter tour across the city gives you a new perspective of the beautiful surroundings. Besides, being in a helicopter is a special moment in itself. Those fond memories are sure to stay with you forever.


This is one of the most beautiful spots in the city and is a far cry from the busy central areas. The botanic gardens are home to some truly stunning flowers and monuments. Meanwhile climbing the DNA Tower is another iconic holiday experience. Once again, the view across the city from high above is simply incredible and one that you won’t forget anytime soon.


There’s no question that treating yourself to those incredible foods forms a highlight of any holiday. The city is blessed with a host of great restaurants while Perth’s best cake shop should have you licking your lips too. You may even pick up some ideas for back home.


Perth has plenty of traditional museums for those that want to learn about the history of the city. However, The Nostalgia Box is Australia’s first interactive gaming museum. Adults can rediscover the classics from their youth while kids can learn about the games from before they were born. This is a great way to escape the heat for a few hours.


Perth has a rich sporting history, and watching their biggest teams in action is a great way to soak in the atmosphere and passion of the people. The Western Warriors cricket team was established in 1893, making them a great candidate for those seeking historic value. For the best crowd though, watch football team Perth Glory at the NIB Stadium.


The iconic building is one that can be seen from various spots across the city. Nonetheless, there’s nothing like completing the tour and ringing the bells yourself. This is a unique attraction that is open from 10 AM – 4 PM. Given that the tickets are pretty cheap too, this is one of the best short activities on offer anywhere Down Under.


While a lot of your trip will be packed with busy moments of exploring, a day or two at the beach is essential. Bathers Beach is an ideal one for those seeking a quiet getaway. Alternatively, popular tourist spots include Cottesloe Beach and Scarborough Beach. Whether you want to try surfing or simply catch some rays, you will not be disappointed.


The nightlife in Perth is as good as anywhere in Australia. In addition to a plethora of classic clubs, you can try the Jazz Club and specialty bars for a unique experience. The combination of great music, friendly locals, and a few cocktails will go down a treat. And if you do get a hangover the next day, this is the perfect time for lounging on the beach.

Visiting Perth In Style: The Lowdown On Planning Your Trip Down Under


If you’re going to travel halfway across the world, it’s likely that you’ll want to see a number of other towns and cities. Given that Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney are all towards the east of the country, you may want to split the trip into two parts. Use the first to make the most of Perth and the second to tour those other places.

Alternatively, if you’re planning to stay based in Perth for the whole duration, there are several day trips to consider. Rottnest Island is a particularly idyllic place to visit thanks to the nature reserve and white sandy beaches. The Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park and Wave Rock are also worth a visit if you have the time.

While you could easily spend a month in Perth without ever getting bored, those additional trips can add another source of excitement.


Going Down Under is a bucket list item for most travel enthusiasts, and Perth is undeniably one of the most popular cities. There are hundreds of adventures waiting to be explored. Better still, it is a destination that’s ideal for families, couples, solo backpackers, and friends. Regardless of the duration or time of year, your holiday is sure to be one of the best.

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