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Monthly Travel Expenses | Cambodia

by Nomada How Far
Otres Beach Sunset - Monthly Travel Expenses Cambodia

Going to Cambodia but don’t know what to expect budget-wise? Let us help you out! Cambodia is getting more popular among the backpackers, and for a reason. You can easily get around Cambodia for less than $700 a month. Everyone already knows the world famous temples of Angkor Wat, but Cambodia has plenty of other things to offer. Besides visiting temples, you can go dolphin spotting, relax at the beach or take a bamboo train. It’s a beautiful country with heaps of friendly people, who are always ready to help you with a big smile. We loved Cambodia and can recommend it to everyone! Find out here how much you should budget for your Cambodian adventure!


Transport – $45 (fuel & parts motorbike, ferry Koh Rong, Tuk Tuks,… included)
Eating & drinking – $284
Accommodation – $177
Activities – $46
Shopping – $67 (Sim-card, Vietnam Visa, iPhone repair included)

Total = $619*


Koh Rong - Monthly Travel Expenses Cambodia


The best way, and most used type of transportation, to travel around Cambodia is by bus. It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s always easy to book a bus to your next destination. There are booking offices on every street corner in the bigger cities and also your accommodation will be happy to help you with booking. Other possible types of transport during your travels through Cambodia are the famous Tuk Tuks and ferries.

Our estimated total spent on transportation is $45.

Note: our transportation costs are that low because we drove around Cambodia with the motorbike that we’ve bought in Vietnam. Our costs include fuel & parts for the bike, the ferry to Koh Rong and the Tuk Tuks.

Kep Crab Statue - Monthly Travel Expenses Cambodia

Kep is THE place to eat crab. The $7 steamed crab with green pepper will be the best you’ve had in a long time!


Eating in Cambodia is more expensive than in Vietnam. The cost of drinks are approximately the same, but the price of food is significantly higher. An average dish is between $4 and $10. Beer and cocktails range between $0,50 and $3. Like everywhere, pick out the restaurants that attract locals instead of tourists and avoid western food. The price of the food will be much less high.

Estimated total spent on food and drinks is $284.

Hammock Time - Monthly Travel Expenses Cambodia

Hammocks, hammocks everywhere.


If you’re a budget traveler, you’ll most likely spend your nights in guesthouses or hostels in the big cities. Prices for a private room can be as low as $7/night but will be higher in the touristic areas. Rooms with AC are more expensive than rooms with a fan. Expect to sleep in bungalows a lot! Especially when you are going to spend some time at the coastline or North Cambodia. These bungalows can be $10-15 for the basic ones, $20-$25 for deluxe bungalows.

Estimated total spent on accommodation is $177.

Note: These prices are for double rooms. Do you prefer to stay in a shared dorm in a hostel? Expect to pay $6 for a bed.

Find your accommodation for Cambodia on Hotelscombined. This website scans all the hotel booking websites to find the best prices for you and your wallet!

Angkor Wat Temple - Monthly Travel Expenses Cambodia


We were lucky that we had our motorbike and didn’t have to pay for most of the tours because we could drive to the sights ourselves. The only tours we booked were Angkor Wat and a snorkeling tour on Koh Rong Island. All the other costs are entrance prices of the other sights and activities that we did on our own.

1-day Angkor Wat w/ sunrise – $27
Snorkeling Tour Koh Rong – $10
Banlung Waterfalls – $2
Yeak Laom Lake – $1
Bokor Mountain – $1
National Museum Phnom Penh – $5

Estimated total spent on the activities that we’ve done is $46.

Banlung waterfall - Monthly Travel Expenses Cambodia

One of Banlung’s waterfalls


We haven’t shopped for anything, but of course, we needed a couple of things during our month in Cambodia. On our arrival, we bought a sim card of Smart, which was $5. Our iPhone needed to be repaired in Sihanoukville ($20), and we also had to apply for a new Vietnamese visa ($42) because we didn’t plan to go into Cambodia with our motorbike in the first place.

In total, we’ve spent $67 on all of these things.

*These costs are calculated on the price that one person would pay for everything.

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