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4 Hidden Gems For A Culinary Day Trip In Phnom Penh, Cambodia

by Nomada How Far
ARTillery - Hidden Gem Phnom Penh

Everyone who knows us a little bit knows that we are addicted to food. We just love to eat and the more, the better! When traveling, we are always looking around for delicious food, whether it’s from a street food stall or a cool eatery. Phnom Penh has a lot to offer when it comes to eating possibilities ranging from Khmer to Western food. Of course, there are the well-known restaurants near the more touristic places. But we found it rather hard to find cool places where we could get a good meal in a relaxed atmosphere. These 4 hidden gems will give you a fantastic meal for a relatively low price if you want something different than the traditional Khmer cuisine.


Healthy – Breakfast/Brunch

Tucked away in the alleys of Phnom Penh, you’ll find ARTillery. It’s best described as a cozy spot in a Mediterranean setting to escape from the bustle of Phnom Penh. The food is healthy, fresh and truly delicious, and can adapt to your dietary needs. Their menu can please you all day long, from breakfast to dinner. But starting the day with a good, healthy breakfast that fills your stomach and a freshly pressed juice, is one of the best things you can do. As the name says, it’s also an art café that provides a place for young, local artists to exhibit their work. ARTillery has two locations in Phnom Penh, but we liked the one that’s close to the Royal Palace.

Address: Street 240 1/2 laneway, near St 19
Behind Wat Botum, near Royal Palace


Banh Mi & Bros - Hidden Gems Phnom Penh

Photo by movetocambodia.com


Vietnamese Baguettes – Lunch

After two weeks in Cambodia, we were already missing the lovely Banh Mi’s from Vietnam. When we saw that there was a Banh Mi restaurant in Phnom Penh, we had to taste it. And we have to be honest, when tasting the baguettes, it could easily be a Banh Mi right from a street food stall in Hanoi. Banh Mi & Bros serve eight kinds of Banh Mi (that cost between $2.80 and $4.50) and four other dishes. Their signature dish, “The Special Brothers” is really delicious with its imported cuts of Vietnamese pork tenderloin and ham, together with the homemade chicken liver pâté. For us, this was the perfect place to have a nice lunch in a cozy setting. They also have a second venue at the Russian Market.

Address: No.157, Preah Trasak Paem (St. 63)

Tous Les Jours - Hidden Gems Phnom Penh


Bakery / Work Space – Afternoon Sweets

This is not really a hidden gem because Tous Les Jours is a bakery with multiple branches in Phnom Penh and the rest of Asia. But we included this one especially because it has such a nice and relaxed setting to eat and work. Yes, a lot of travelers – probably bloggers like us – choose this place to work because it has high-speed WiFi, tranquility without having all the noises of the city, and of course, great pastries and cakes. We accidentally came across Tous Les Jours close to Phnom Penh’s Central Market and were attracted by how the place looked.

Address: No. 66, Preah Trasak Paem (St. 63)
Opposite Sorya Supermarket


Katanashi - Hidden Gems Phnom Penh


Japanese Tapas – Dinner

Katanashi is Japanese for “thinking outside the box”. And that’s what the owners of this little bar exactly did. This is a truly hidden gem because it’s located at the back of a small alley of the BKK1 district. We were walking around in search for a place to eat for a while, but when we came across this little bar, we had to try it without a doubt. And it was a great experience! Katanashi serves a fusion between tapas and Japanese, where it’s all about the essence of the taste and experience. The first thing they do is welcoming the guests with a frozen towel as a refreshing starter. With Japanese Nachos, Japanese Pizzas, Gyoza Teppan, and a lot more on the menu, it’s tough to choose a dish. Luckily, they are tapas (between $2 and $4), so you can choose more than one dish. They even offer fun games like “rock – paper – scissors” to win cocktails or beer at a huge discount. Katanashi is the perfect place to have a great food experience in Cambodia’s capital city without breaking the bank.

Address: down the alley off Street 51
Opposite Street 288



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