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Swagging Air Fresheners

by Nomada How Far

Because we really needed to start raising some money for our charity (PLAN) we searched for something that we could sell to people. We could have done a lot of stuff like selling self-made T-shirts, candy or other stuff that people wouldn’t actually need. After some brainstorming, we have found the perfect thing that we could easily relate to the fact that we’re participating in the Mongol Rally.

We’ve asked our friend Baksteen B, an upcoming Belgian designer/illustrator from Ghent, to design a logo for us. We gave him carte blanche, just to see what he could make of ‘Yak The Ripper’, our team name for the rally. Yak The Ripper is a blend of Jack The Ripper from London – our start point – and the yaks from Mongolia – the finish -. Baksteen B made us a logo that describes his colorful, playful style. Now we know where the ‘B’ stands for; Best logo design ever!
So if you like his style, go check uit more of him!

This is the perfect scent to have in the car. Especially if I can help these guys out to help them to reach their goal and to help their charity.

Happy customer

With this logo, we’ve made air fresheners! Indeed, those that you can hang on the rear-view mirror of your car to get a freshly nice scent every time you get in. Of course, you can also use them for a bunch of other reasons like hanging it in your home, bathroom or toilet (really helpful) or in your office. No joke, they smell reaaallllyy good! Because of the discrete, nice green apple scent, you can use them everywhere you want.

So please, if you really want to help us or our charities, buy some air fresheners. Because every little bit can help us forward towards our goal of a min. of € 1500. We have plenty of air fresheners so don’t be scared to ask us about them if you’re interested.

If you like our plans or what we do, please share this and help us to get our goal!

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