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Meet Niki

by Nomada How Far
Lada Samara 1100

The past few weeks we searched a lot for a decent car to drive the rally. But to find one, we first needed to consider a couple of rules, one of it is to drive a car that is no more than 1200cc. Another one is, that it needs to be an small, shit car to make the rally tougher.

Eventually, we found one, bought him and now we can call it ours.
It’s an old Lada Samara from 1989 with an engine size of 1100 cm3, called Niki (Lauda-Lada whatever). Yes, it’s one of those cars from the old USSR that are completely unreliable. Forget the gimmicky luxuries like electric windows, central locking and power steering, not to mention airbags. The car itself looks very neat, it has not even a dent! But after the sale, we noticed that there’s still some work to do on the car to make him prepared for the road. It needs a new clutch, a pair of new tyres, new rear brake shoes and a lot more. Luckily that good old Siberian heater works like a charm. 😉
We know that we’ll break down and become stranded in the middle of the desert more than hundred miles away from civilisation. We even begin to doubt whether we can drive it all the way to Mongolia. But, of course, we won’t give up hope!

Meanwhile, Myrthe still needs to get her licence. Thomas can’t drive this long distance alone so she has to face her fear and needs to get as quickly as possible her driving licence. Her first driving lessons in Ghent were (already) a big adventure! I hope that augurs well…

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